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12 July 2012 @ 11:13 pm

I have been sucked into the massive black hole of procrastination. And boy does it suck.

I must be severely lacking in the self discipline department - despite having a pretty in depth game plan for exchange fic now, I'm still not making progress with any actual writing. Or is it that I have an inflated sense of my ability to 'work better under pressure'? When the P-dog starts teaming up with my awful last minute tendencies (which it does all the bloody time) then whoa, everything goes to shit. Majority of the time for me, writing-related frustration comes from not knowing what to write but desperately wanting to write - that familiar itch, those idealistic aspirations etc etc. This time, oddly, it comes from knowing what I want to write, desperately wanting to write and looking forward to free time so I can do the writing but when it comes down to it, I'm just sitting, not writing anything and wasting another day.

Hmm, maybe it's the sitting that's the problem.

*Whining done.

Goal: To have something positive + productive to report in the weekend (hah, Sunday 11.59 pm). Maybe pretend deadlines will help.
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So obviously, I have not been around much. Yes, it was the aliens again, why do you ask? I have been skimming and lurking for the past week or so, just so I was slightly caught up with the happenings of LJ world and my flisters – hope you are all well! To save words and boredom (chiefly, my own; in RL, my sentences sometimes trail off cos I get too bored with the sound of my own voice), I’m going into epic bullet points update mode. Expect tales of laziness, multi task fails, travel talk, and epic planning ahead.

Bullet point heavenCollapse )

How is everyone else faring with their respective exchange projects? Hope good, solid progress is being made (I mean, if progress has decided to jilt me at the writing altar, it must have eloped off with you guys right?!). Hugs from me.

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15 December 2011 @ 09:53 pm

Yes, I know it's coming a bit late - this exchange, everything I do seems to be woefully belated - but now that the reveals have been up for a while, I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to a couple of people. This round, I haven't been able to read much and thus, sadly, have not been able to appreciate the readers and artists as I would have liked to do and as they deserve; so, for me, the little I was able to do and enjoy is all the more significant, and I want to thank the people who made that happen.

So, firstly, I want to thank the mods of sshg_exchange for, once again, pulling out the stops to bring us such a successful round of the exchange; I may not have been able to follow it but it has clearly been a whooping success with an amazing array of talent on offer. Without you guys doing all the organising (which I do not envy you one bit!), us fangirls would not have this awesome platform and the world would, frankly, be a much shittier place. So, thank you. More personally, thank you very much for being understanding and giving me extensions when I asked for them, repeatedly, instead of kicking my backside and telling me to shove off. And a special thank you to shiv5468 for taking pity on my poor beta-less existence way back when and procuring me a super-human beta - it really made my story. :)

And now, I want to thank three very awesome people...

droxy - who not only chose my absolute favourite prompt but also gifted me both fic AND art, making me the gleeful-est gleeful exchange recipient there ever was. Dudes, I got fic and art!!! :D If anyone reading this hasn't read/admired it yet (I'm sure others are behind on the exchange too?), then please please do go over to read Reward for the Return of a Missing Dog as soon as possible. Droxy came up with an absolutely ingenious, cracking idea to incorporate the wizarding world with the mythical world of Hades and Persephone; the fic is squeesomely cute, and the idea of Snape in the Elysian fields is very satisfying to say the least. But most of all, I'd very much like to thank droxy for getting Snape into that gorgeous... slightly sheer... tunic, a gift for all fangirls to be sure. ;) Her art is wondrous to behold, genuinely an impressive vision of the Underworld. And to top it all, finding out that a friend had worked carefully and thoughtfully to create it all was just even more awesome - I'm genuinely very grateful for it, droxy. *Massive bear hug*

mundungus42 - who is quite honestly one of the amazing-est people I've had the pleasure to interact with. I can't express properly just how thankful I am to her - as I said in my author's note, my fic owes her a huge life debt. I genuinely meant everything I said there and I don't want to repeat it word for word (despite wanting to), but without her, the fic would definitely not exist as it does. Thank you for investing so much time and effort into my work, for giving me such gloriously detailed feedback, for bouncing ideas with me so consistently and so cleverly(!), and for corresponding so well with me, especially at a time I know you were super super busy (are you ever not? :P). You didn't have to, but that you did, I shall be forever grateful. I was extremely fortunate to have landed you as a beta (I almost feel sorry for everyone who has not had the luck to work with you ;D), and only hope that sometime in the future, my lucky stars will shine down kindly on me and I will have the pleasure of working with you again. You are a hero among gods, make no mistake of that!

Now would be a good time to say that my contribution to this year's exchange was A Prince's Tale, a story which became much longer than I had anticipated, and which ended up having more plottish elements than anything I've written before, so go me. Major thank you to all those who have read it, and especially to those wonderful reviewers -I appreciate all your thoughts and comments immensely, and it gives me great, great pleasure to hear from you. Also, a shout out to pearle9240, who, completely unprompted, made a fantastic icon for the story. From the little I have seen of the exchange, it is clear that she has been making them for everyone, which is just mind-bogglingly awesome.Thank you so so much for your generosity - this is first visual token I have for any of my work, so I appreciate it greatly. All of us fangirls should probably endeavour to be more like her really.

And last but not least I would like to thank tophoenix (whose prompt challenged me to go beyond the gratuitous, slightly cracky fic I would probably have ended up writing), who was an absolutely wonderful, wonderful recipient, and whose words in response were not only very generous but also truly humbling and truly inspiring. <3

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05 December 2011 @ 07:11 pm


So basically, I disappeared off the face of the earth, crawled under some far-flung obscure rock, festered away in a uni-room-sized hole, got abducted by RL aliens and may also possibly have been swapped for a weird changeling creature whilst I was sleeping - the thought of which is mildly disturbing.

However, I have been resurrected. Read: it is the holidays and I can have a life again now. *Brings out the party poppers.

Things which make me kind of sad:

- The Exchange is over (Omgomgomg, the exchange is over?! When did that happen??) and I did not get to follow it. :(
- I did not get to follow the exchange.
- Did not manage to participate in a single round of exchange bingo.
-Have been seriously out of the loop with fandom and LJ happenings.
- Since the second week of term, like six weeks ago, I have been hounded by an ongoing cough, which fluctuates between being phlegmy and dry/hacky. Yes, I know, too much info.
- Did not get to follow the exchange. (Yeah...)

Things which comfort me somewhat:
- I will have my own personal reading time of the exchange; indeed, will have loads and loads of goodies to devour over my xmas holidays... and everyone else won't/ will already have read it. :D
-Holidaaaaays! :D Snooze time! Fandom time! Copious amounts of reading, and hopefully writing too - who could ask for more?
-Food. But this is a general point.

Basically, I just want to say hello to everyone and let you know that I'm alive, barely. How are you all?? I hope everyone's been well and partying it up at the exchange - I'm so jealous. I'm looking forward to being around a bit more, and of course soooper excited about shairi's own sad belated exchange festivities. Also, hoping this all makes sense: in a state of being constantly tired for some reason despite getting good amounts of sleep. Sigh. Term time was full-on crazy so I guess it's all catching up now. Well, it better finish catching up and go away veeerrry soon because I want to do Fun Things. Hmph. *Turns nose up at tiredness.

Hugs to all.

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08 September 2011 @ 12:27 am



And if you have already done so, for god's sake, READ IT AGAIN.

That is all.
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06 September 2011 @ 10:58 pm

1. THE EXCHANGE HAS STARTED! And already three goodies have been posted in sshg_exchange  I am so utterly gleeful. Literally, cannot wait till tomorrow for moarrr.

2. The exchange_bingo is running surprising mini rounds. This means I might be able to play afterall - YAY! Err. Scuffs toe. This might be a good time to work on the gift I owe from last round of  bingo. *Hides face in shame*

3. I have finally finished my exchange fic (the mods having generously given me another extension) and sent it off to the mods early this morning! Huge sense of relief. So am I happy with it? Err, next question?
Seriously, though, to an extent, yes. However, of course, it could have been better, of course, I could have improved it had I more time, but meh, at least it's done. What I hope, more than anything, is that my recipient will at least like it. It's actually my first, proper long(er) story, so I'm eeping and wibbling slightly.
Though I must say, I owe A LOT to my superhuman super!beta. She is honestly so amazing - may all writers have the good fortune to work with someone like her.

4. A bit of a late celebration but last week (I think it was last week  - I seem to have lost track of time whilst writing demonically) I was on the quiz! It was the Professor Granger one in quiz_sshg. And although, personally I think there must have been hundreds of other stories which would have been more worthy for the category, I'm certainly not complaining! This is my second time on the quiz and I'm chuffed to bits. Thank you, Ladies of the Quiz, for remembering my story! Look, I has pretty bannerz:

 Things which dull the celebration:

1. I just had to retype this entire post because my internet connection is being a bitch.

2. Now that I am not working on the exchange fic, I actually should get started on the multiple uni assignments and Reading Lists of Doom I have to do. Note, lists. And since we're doing middle english-y, renaissance type of texts next term, I'm not sure how much I'm going to be enjoying it. And in any case, uni reading is always going to be uni reading, which means the enjoyment factor is automatically reduced by a flat rate of 50% whatever the nature of the reading. And the essays... Sigh. The time where I was frantically, but happily, rushing to meet exchange deadlines seems like a distant memory. ;) Since, uni will not be cosed for summer indefinitely, I really should knuckle down to do al this work. Which means less reading and obsessive exchange following time for me. :( I will try to keep up as best as I can despite this, as I am excessively excited about it, and honestly, can't think of anything else.

Although, having said that, while I wait for tomorrow's post, I might toddle off to find some fic to read. I've been deprived of fic for so long, as  couldn't read fic and attempt to write fic at the same time, and before that I had those exams. So, the fic-needing fiend in me is woefully starved. I will try and feed it now. If anyone has recommendation, please do share.

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27 July 2011 @ 12:23 am

Yes, I had to ask for an extension. :(

BUT unlike before: I have a wonderful beta who works at the speed of light; I have a mostly complete outline of the plot; I've written more than 20,000 words; and I have to have to finish a draft of the fic by the beginning of August before I leave for holiday... so I'm feeling optimistic. (Sod, spare me. Please don't make me your plaything.)

Unforeseen problem: The fic is turning out to be much longer than I originally thought it would be. Sometimes verbosity is a curse.
Also, despite being free to work on the fic, I end up staring at the computer screen blankly instead, completely frustrated. Take today for example - LJ was down (I thought it ws a conspiracy against me) but I spent way too much time checking whether it was up again (part of it was due to paranoia) instead of writing. I'm going to have to bully myself into being more productive.

Yeah, good luck me.

The only, only good thing which came out of me not being able to work on my exchange fic for the whole of June, due to exams, is that I passed them! I got the results a couple of days ago - I was expecting much much poorer results than the ones I did get, but the most ironic thing is that I managed to, by the skin of my teeth, make it into the boundary for an overall distinction.  I worked it out - my average mark actually fell 0.75 under the boundary but luckily for me they round up. So I kind of feel like I don't qualify for it. Meh. I'm still insanely happy.
How is everyone else faring on their exchange pieces? Sending out good luck vibes and a cyber boost to everyone's imagination.

(Also, LJ is being such a bitch. I was supposed to post this entry yesterday. Is everyone having similar problems?)

15 July 2011 @ 02:36 am

Yesterday, a pigeon pooed on my right shoulder. My first time. It was warm. My friends, after laughing heartily at my expense, told me it was supposed to be good luck.
I am still waiting for this luck to appear.

In other news: bleh. We all know about procrastinating from doing an activity... for example, getting down to it and writing your exchange piece. (An example randomly pulled out of the air, of course.) But I think my procrastination skillz have reached new heights: I seem to be procrastinating in the flipping story itself. Nothing is happening. Just word vomit. I am frustrated.

And cherry on cake - I still have not found a beta. (Not that there would be much to show them, granted, but still.) Everyone seems to be busy. But. I think I might post a more public request over at one of the sshg comms... This is a good idea, yes folks? I just want everyone to know that if I don't manage to find a beta, or my exchange recipient offers to beta for me, and I have no choice but to reject and then they get supicious and offended, setting off a whole chain of events, where I have to submit my dreadful piece of writing without any monitoring, and it actually manages to make it to people's screens and they actually have to read it in that state and the whole exchange just explodes... then it is all your fault. :P (That was meant to be all read in one breath.)
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11 July 2011 @ 09:55 pm

Pitiful exchange participant, could pass for a writer if you squint hard. WLTM experienced beta with grammar skillz, speed and GSOH. Looking for a fun time. Will settle on anyone with low expectations.


So basically, I seem to now be using all the powers at my service to avoid working on my exchange piece. Considering that I have the interwebz at my disposal, it feels like I can keep avoiding it for eternity. Then I remember the deadline... The current avoidance activity is my search for a beta (the previous activity consisted of endlessly trawling through the sale/ clearance section of the ASOS website; the irony being of course that I never actually buy anything from there, or even do any online shopping outside Amazon.) Perfect Imagination seems to have closed down at some point between now and last year, so that's out of the cards.

So I was wondering is anyone interested in doing any beta work? Or knows anyone who might be interested in doing any?

Of course, I realise that most of you are probably working on your own exchange pieces, and then there's RL and other commitments... but I thought it was worth a try asking. Yes, I'm trying to play it cool, while I am actually a) panicky-desperate b) would really like the assurance of having a beta to send work to when I finally finish writing and c) avoiding working on my piece some more by writing this post.

Obviously I can't say anything about my actual work as its for the exchange, but if anyone does have any stirrings of interest (feelings of pity), then I'm just going to put it out there and say, we will probably be working under the time pressure to meet deadline, and it will still be some time before I get near to finishing. Please feel free to PM me, or comment, if you would like to know more specifics. You won't be under any obligations, so if you just want to know more before you consider anything then that's completely fine!

Misery, seeking company.

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08 July 2011 @ 05:51 pm

... I was literally there for 12 hours. (Nothing but Harry Potter could have got me out of bed and on the train that early, I promise you.) Eight of those twelve hours consisted of standing in the same bloody spot and being pushed and shoved around and pushed, and rained on... oh yes, the rain and the cold and the aching bones... To top it off, I was not even at the front of the crowd.

I, of course, did not make it into Trafalgar Square - to be honest, those camping for days on end deserved to be in there. But I did get to see Alan Rickman in the flesh, stood perhaps less than a meter away from him... He was so beautiful. Completely poised and regal and just guuuuh. Seriously so much better in real life than in pics. The whole day was worth it just for that.

Did manage to see most of the cast, got autographs from Dean Thomas and Kingsley (yep, gonna refer to them with their HP names), who were both so friendly and lovely. The actress playing Rose Weasley is an absolute beauty, and all the other ep-kids are so cute. Will put up some of my own pics at some time to share, even though you can probably see everything on the net, but meh, photos are still better.

On other news, finally sitting down to write my exchange piece now (which is partially why I have founf the time to finally post - a method of procrastination) - any mods on f-list, please calmly put down and step away from any sharp objects, explosives and any dangerous people-killing contrapions. Honestly, I was super scared before when people on f-list kept posting success stories about their own projects, and I was like but but but I haven't even started mine! At that point, I did have exams going on so there was nothing to do about it really, but I've been free since the beginning of July, and most of that time has been spent sleeping, and... sleeping - attempting to catch up on two months worth obviously. Some of that time has also been spent attempting to plot the exchange story... Won't linger too much on how successful that has been! I'm keeping all my fingers crossed that things will begin happening soon on that front. And my toes too.

How are other people faring on their exchange projects? And am I seriously the only one who is this behind on it??

Hope everybody has been well. Lurking on LJ and my friends' page has been a constant comfort during my studies and exams, so thank you everyone for just being there and saying things. Because I'm relatively free, I'll hopefully be around more. (Or not, depending on how my exchange piece is going!)

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